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Finding the perfect engagement ring for your significant other should be a fun and emotional journey as you search for the perfect piece of jewelry to represent your love for them. It is a once in a lifetime, memorable experience.

But, why a ring?


The history of engagement rings

The history of engagement rings can be traced back to ancient civilizations. In ancient Egypt, couples exchanged rings made of woven reeds and leather to symbolize their love and commitment.

The ancient Greeks also used rings to symbolize engagement, with the circle representing eternity and the space within it representing the couple's future together.

The Romans had a similar tradition, with iron rings given as a sign of ownership and gold rings as a symbol of love and commitment (we're not too sure how well that ownership symbolism carried through the years though...).

A lot has changed since then, but what remains, is the token and symbol of love.

When you think of engagement rings, typically one thinks of the rarity of a diamond. The tradition of diamond engagement rings began in the 15th century, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy.

However, it wasn't until the 20th century that diamond engagement rings became popular in the United States, thanks in large part to an advertising campaign by De Beers.

Today, engagement rings are an important symbol of love and commitment, with many couples choosing to customize their rings to reflect their unique style and relationship, often with, yes, diamonds. However, there are so many other unique materials you can use to represent your own love in your relationship.

The best place to find something truly unique and perfect for you, is with a handmade ring.


Why a handmade ring?

Finding a beautiful and unique engagement ring can be an incredible experience. Not only does it provide the opportunity to support small businesses and independent artisans, but it also allows for a more personalized and meaningful ring that perfectly captures what your love means to one another.

Handmade rings often feature intricate designs and high-quality materials, making them a one-of-a-kind piece that will be cherished for years to come.

Plus, knowing that your ring was crafted with such care and attention to detail can make it even more special and meaningful to wear as a symbol of your love and commitment.

Where can you find these amazing, unique handmade rings that are top quality?

We have compiled a list of the most amazing handcrafted engagement rings, and we are so excited to share it with you below.

Remember, because each ring and each piece of fine jewelry is completely unique, it may not be available when you read this article, so we will link to the handmade sellers store so you can see more in that style of ring you like.

Let's get into the best handmade engagement rings.

 handmade ring for wedding

Handmade Engagement Rings

Here are the best engagement ring shops, in no particular order.


1. Gold Handmade Moisonite Engagement Rings

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Unique handmade ring

The 14k Solid Gold Snowflake Moissanite ring is really a stunning and unique piece of jewelry. The ring features a snowflake-inspired design with a central moissanite stone and smaller diamonds set around the band.

The ring is made with high-quality materials and is available in a variety of sizes to ensure a perfect fit. The intricate design of the snowflake and the combination of the moissanite and diamonds make this ring a perfect choice for someone looking for a truly special and eye-catching engagement ring.


2. Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

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handmade marquis ring

Here is a ring that is going to get some attention. Just look at it!

It features marquise-shaped diamond set in a unique band design with additional diamond accents. The ring is made with high-quality materials and is available in a variety of sizes.

This ring is a perfect choice for someone looking for a unique and glamorous engagement ring that will truly stand out. The marquise diamond and the intricate band design make this ring a statement piece that will be treasured for years to come.

This little store specializes in creating unique and handcrafted engagement rings, wedding bands, and other fine jewelry pieces and features a wide range of beautifully designed rings with intricate band designs and high-quality gemstones, including diamonds, sapphires, and moissanite.

Each piece is made with attention to detail and is available in a variety of sizes and materials.

Customers rave about the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of the jewelry and the excellent customer service provided by the store owner, making this handmade jewelry a top choice for anyone looking for a truly special piece.


3. Asscher Cut Black Diamond Handmade Engagement Rings

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black diamond ring

This gorgeous ring features a beautiful asscher-cut black diamond center stone that is set in a sleek and modern white gold band, which complements the diamond's dark hue perfectly.

The elegant simplicity of the design and the use of a black diamond make this ring a great choice for someone looking for a non-traditional and bold engagement ring.

This handmade jeweler is well known for creating unique and one-of-a-kind pieces using a variety of materials such as pearls, crystals, and semiprecious stones. Each piece is handcrafted with intricate detailing and attention to quality, making them each beautiful and durable.

Many of the jewelry pieces feature nature-inspired designs, such as seashells and leaves, making them a perfect choice for anyone who loves the outdoors.

With a range of jewelry pieces to choose from, this handmade shop is a great place to check out for anyone looking for a unique and beautifully crafted piece of jewelry.


4. Ocean Inspired Whale Engagement Rings

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handmade ocean themed ring

Here is a jeweler who features absolutely stunning nature-inspired pieces.

This is truly a unique piece of jewelry that would make a perfect choice for anyone looking for an ocean-inspired engagement ring.

The ring itself features a delicate and detailed whale tail design that is crafted in 14K solid gold, making it both beautiful and durable.

The ring's design is perfect for someone who loves the ocean or marine life and is looking for an engagement ring that reflects their unique personality and interests.

Maybe you met your partner near the ocean, or you have special memories there. The handmade nature of the ring ensures that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind, making it even more special and meaningful.


5. White Gold and Cyan Handmade Ring

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green engagement ring

This cushion cut cyan moissanite engagement ring is perfect as a handmade engagement ring because of its unique and eye-catching design. The cushion-cut cyan moissanite is an unconventional choice for an engagement ring, making it stand out from traditional diamond rings - it's something you won't find in your everyday jewelry shops.

This is a breathtaking piece.

The vivid blue-green hue of the moissanite is truly unique and stunning, giving the ring a pop of color that is perfect for anyone looking for a bold and vibrant engagement ring.

This jeweler makes their pieces with exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

They specialize in using moissanite, a beautiful and durable gemstone that is a more ethical and affordable alternative to diamonds, which is important. Their jewelry pieces are designed and handcrafted with great care and attention to detail, ensuring that each piece is unique and is of exceptional quality and precision. Be sure to check out their selection.

The handmade seller also offers a wide range of customizable options, allowing customers to create a personalized and one-of-a-kind piece that is tailored to their individual style and preferences. Their online shop is totally worth a visit.


6. Amethyst Solitaire Dainty Engagement Rings

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handmade amethyst ring

Want some beautiful color and shine in your engagement ring? You will find the most absolute beautiful stones in this shop used in handmade rings and beautiful jewelry designs, this is just an example of the many they offer.

The certificated 11mm round amethyst 4-prongs solitaire ring is a stunning and unique choice for an engagement ring. The ring features a beautiful and vibrant 11mm round amethyst stone that is sure to grab anyone's eye.

The colorful amethyst is certified, which is important, and is of high quality, ensuring its durability and long-lasting beauty.

The band of the ring is made of 14k solid gold, adding to the ring's luxurious feel and quality. The simplicity of the solitaire design allows the beauty of the amethyst to take center stage, making this ring a perfect choice for someone looking for a unique and colorful engagement ring.

Why choose a gemstone? 

Choosing a gemstone or colorful stone as an engagement ring option can be an excellent choice for many reasons. Firstly, colorful stones such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds can add a personalized touch to an engagement ring. They can also represent something significant to the couple, such as a birthstone or a favorite color.

Secondly, gemstones and colorful stones can offer a more affordable option for those who are on a budget, as they can be less expensive than diamonds. This can allow couples to choose a larger or higher-quality stone, which can make the ring more unique to their taste and love story.

Finally, opting for a non-diamond selection can often be a more ethical and sustainable choice. Gemstones can be ethically sourced, and some are even lab-created, which can help to reduce the environmental and ethical impacts of mining.

Overall, considering gemstones as engagement ring settings can offer a range of benefits, including affordability, uniqueness, personalization, and sustainability.

We recommend have a browse at the other colorful rings and designs this store offers!


7. Handcut Morganite Twig Engagement Rings

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Handmade engagement morganite ring 

Here is a showstopper, wow! This piece is gorgeous and the color is just spectacular.

This nature-inspired ring is perfect as a handcrafted engagement ring because it captures the beauty and intricacy of nature in its design, making it a meaningful symbol of lifetime love.

The ring is inspired by twigs and features a hand-cut morganite stone that resembles a blossom, adding to the natural feel of the design. The level of detail in this ring is very impressive, with each twig and blossom being individually crafted, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece that is both stunning and meaningful.

This seller has so many gorgeous choices, including rough diamond as well as other diamond designs in this stunning twig design.


8. Moonstone Rose Gold Engagement Ring

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handmade moonstone ring

Moonstone is a type of feldspar mineral that can display a range of colors, but the blue variety is often the most sought after.

This particular ring selection is designed in a vintage-inspired style and features a pear-shaped moonstone as the centerpiece, surrounded by a halo of small diamonds.

The use of moonstone in an engagement ring is a unique and less common choice, which adds to the ring's overall charm.

So if your partner wants something truly unique or celestial-inspired, this is a stunning ring that will capture that perfectly.


9. Dainty Floral-Inspired Handmade Diamond Ring

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handmade butterfly engagement ring

This 18K gold diamond ring with a floral design is perfect for anyone looking for a distinctly different engagement ring with a nod to a special flower.

The flower-inspired diamond design features intricate details that add an elegant touch to the piece. The diamonds offer a brilliant sparkle and make it a perfect choice for a special occasion like an engagement, or even a honeymoon gift!

Those who appreciate nature-inspired designs with a touch of glamor would love this ring as it blends the best of both worlds.


10. The Pear Cut London Blue Topaz Ring

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handmade topaz engagement ring

This handcrafted engagement ring with a pear-cut London blue topaz in a teardrop shape, is a special choice due to its imaginative design, affordable pricing, ethical sourcing, and personalization options.

The gemstone selection is associated with clear communication and self-expression, adding meaningful symbolism to the ring.

The personalized and handmade nature of the ring allows the couple to add their own special touch, making it a personalized choice that perfectly reflects their relationship.


Now let's look at some men's engagement rings! These would also make great wedding rings if you are looking for handmade


11. Whiskey Barrel Forged Carbon Fiber Engagement Ring

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handmade men engagement ring

You may choose this engagement ring as it is a unique and masculine choice that incorporates unconventional materials such as whiskey barrel wood and forged carbon fiber.

The combination of materials creates a rugged and bold design that reflects his personality and style.

The personalization options, such as the option to engrave a custom message, add a special touch to the ring, making it a truly one-of-a-kind choice.

Additionally, the ring's durability and strength make it a practical choice for everyday wear, while its affordability can appeal to a man's practicality.


12. The Aloha KOA Hawaiian Wood Ring

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handmade Hawaiian engagement ring

Great for a handmade ring for an engagement or a wedding ring, This ring, gorgeously made with the utmost care, is known as "The Aloha Koa Ring,". It is a unique design choice from their collection as it combines the traditional Hawaiian Koa wood with modern black tungsten.

So this would be special if Hawaii plays a part in your love story!

The Koa wood is a symbol of strength and the moment of bravery in Hawaiian culture, while the black tungsten adds a modern and sleek touch to the ring. The wood grain pattern of the Koa wood is unique to each rings integrity, making it a one-of-a-kind choice. Additionally, the ring's durability and scratch resistance make it a practical choice for everyday wear, while its affordability can appeal to a man's practicality.

Overall, this ring offers a perfect combination of traditional and modern styles, making it a truly meaningful choice for an engagement ring for a man that will last a lifetime.


13. Charred Whiskey Barrel and Antler

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handmade whiskey barrel ring

This black hammered wedding ring with charred oak sleeve a gorgeous piece of distinctive jewelry. The ring is crafted from strong and durable titanium, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Its unique black hammered texture adds a rustic and masculine touch to the ring, while the charred oak sleeve gives it a natural and organic feel. The oak sleeve is carefully crafted using traditional wood burning techniques, adding to the ring's artisanal quality.

Overall, this ring's combination of strength, durability, and natural materials make it a unique and meaningful choice for an engagement ring or for a wedding ring. Be sure to head to this shop to see the amazing selection in this store! You will get a lot of ideas from there as well if you are into this type of collection.


Handmade Rings | In Conclusion

Exploring the craftsmanship in homemade rings is a wonderful way to find a unique and meaningful piece of jewelry. With so many talented sellers offering their creations online, there is an incredible range of options available to suit any style, taste, and budget.

From the rustic charm of hammered metal and wood inlays to the colorful sparkle of gemstones, handmade rings offer endless possibilities for customization and personalization.

Whether you're looking for a special engagement ring, a unique wedding band, or a one-of-a-kind gift for a loved one, homemade rings are sure to impress with their exceptional craftsmanship and artistic flair. So take some time to explore the amazing choices available and discover the perfect ring to suit your needs.

Finally, one of the benefits of purchasing a handcrafted engagement ring is that it is often a more sustainable and ethical choice. Many of these rings are crafted using recycled or ethically-sourced materials, and are made by independent sellers who prioritize quality and ethical practices over mass production.

Remember, by choosing a handmade ring, you are supporting small businesses and artisans who are passionate about their craft. In addition to the unique designs and exceptional quality, the sustainability and ethics behind these rings can add even more meaning to your special purchase.


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