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BEST Wedding Dress Preservation Boxes [2023]

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Planning and planning for your dream wedding is busy and exciting all at the same time. Make sure you plan for after your wedding as well. How are you going to store your wedding dress?

It is first so important to  have your wedding gown properly cleaned. If you know how to properly clean your own wedding dress, you are off to a great start.

If you are not an expert in wedding gown cleaning though, be sure to phone around to your local dry cleaners to see if this is something they are good at doing. Make sure they clean wedding dresses often and that they will get every stain out.

Once your wedding dress has been thoroughly and properly cleaned after the wedding day, it is up to you to find the best wedding dress preservation box or  preservation services. We are here to help with that.


BEST Wedding Dress Preservation Boxes

There is one amazing little company who makes the best wedding dress storage boxes, and you need to see these handmade pieces of art.

They are each handmade to properly preserve your wedding dress, and are often featured in tv and film! You can see handmade boxes by Empty Box Co featured on  Downton Abbey, Mr. Selfridge and Eastenders.

And for the amazing quality you get, these boxes are priced very well.


The Empty Box Co.

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The Empty Box Co takes dress preservation of wedding gowns very seriously. Not only are their boxes for wedding dress storage absolutely beautiful, but they are also handmade for storing your most precious of items.

These storage boxes will keep your wedding gown safe and are made to preserve any item in a natural pH neutral condition.

Wedding Dress Preservation Box

Here is what The Empty Box Co has to say about their dress storage boxes:

The Empty Box Company [has] 28 years experience making handmade boxes for wedding dresses and any special item to keep. Each box is hand made in the UK by artistic creative individuals in our workshop, and covered in beautiful Antoinette paper and hand finished with lace and ribbon attached.

Our boxes will protect and preserve your wedding dress and will prevent the fabric from yellowing. They are extremely sturdy, to last a lifetime for your dress.

Our [Wedding dress preservation boxes] are made from special pH neutral board that will prevent your dress from yellowing, and come with lots of acid free tissue and packing instructions. The Wedding Dress Box will protect your dress from dust, dirt, light, disaster and discolouration.

This sounds like it is the perfect and most natural, romantic way to keep your wedding gown after the day, and by storing it in acid free tissue paper, you can feel good knowing your delicate fabrics of your gown are properly cared for.

Wedding Dress Preservation Box

About the owner, Giselle

How she started her business and what influenced her, in her own words:

I wanted to revive the Edwardian Hat Box and Dress Box, so 30 years ago I set up a company that now makes many beautiful boxes to store your most precious items.

All our boxes are handmade in our 2 workshops in the UK (one in Devon and one in Surrey) and we often make boxes for films and television, such as Downton Abbey, Mr. Selfridge and Eastenders.


More Than Wedding Dress Memory Boxes

The Empty Box Co also specializes in other wedding boxes such as shoe preservation boxes and reception boxes, which are both also handmade and are gorgeous.

Wedding Dress Memory Box

This is definitely a wedding dress storage box shop you are going to want to check out. When it comes to finding a trusted company for your wedding gown storage, you can feel confident in putting your trust in Giselle at The Empty Box Co.

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